From personal issues (such as depression and anxiety) to interpersonal issues (couple and family support), Restore Counseling Services can provide you with personal support.

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Cost is always a source of stress for many individuals – but at Restore Counseling Services, we make sure to be upfront about our costs to help ease your mind.


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Find relief from your most troubling thoughts, and fears at Restore Counseling Services. Our counselors can assist individuals, couples and families dealing with personal and interpersonal issues.

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You can contact our office for depression and anxiety therapy, couples and family counseling services and assistance with other life issues. Trust our therapists to help guide you toward a path of mental and emotional healing through expression, discussion and the implementation of unique therapeutic strategies.

Depression, stress, addiction, relationship problems – potentially all of us must deal with some of these issues, but often don’t take the steps to find help. You shouldn’t let these pressing problems continue to control your life. Find comfort and understanding at Restore Counseling Services. To begin on a path toward a better you, contact our counseling office right away at (256) 325-0424.

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